Hi, I am the boss of GamerCaptain.

I am currently an experienced freelance programmer.

Since I was a little kid, I became addicted to gaming. I gamed a lot but was never actually good at most of the games I played. As a result, I searched online for hacks, scripts, and bots to improve my gaming experience. It felt good that I escaped from being a noobie to becoming a pro in those pay to win games.

My passion for gaming eventually led me to want to know more about technology and computers. That is when I decided I will go to university for computer science. Not only that, but I also took extra private courses to improve my programming skills. I eventually used this knowledge to create custom hacks, scripts, and bots that meets my needs. I even shared some on popular forums such as MPGH, GamerzPlanet, and GameKiller.

Eventually, I got bored and was in for a challenge. Since I spent a lot of money on in-game currency for many of the different games I played, I went ahead to investigate more about it. I wanted to figure out how to get it for free without paying. I use to think this was not possible, but after buying tools other people created that worked and got me free in-game currencies, it gave me the motivation to figure out how to do it too.

After many failures, I finally got it to work. I ensured my method was working by replicating it in different games. Each game required minor tweaks, and I eventually got most of them to work too. Unfortunately, if you are wondering how I did it, I can’t tell you because I must keep this information private to keep this working for everyone.

Congratulations, consider yourself lucky that you have found GamerCaptain. I have created this site to share with you lucky people my resources, accounts, and codes I acquired.

My goal is to lead as many people as possible to a better gaming experience. If you think you have wasted enough money, it is now time for you to save money.

I hope you enjoy and happy gaming!

– GamerCaptain

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