Free Toreba TP | Free Toreba Points Generator Hack 2022

If you are here, you are probably wondering how to get free Toreba Points or also known as free Toreba TP. Here is the perfect place to learn an easy way to get all the Toreba Points you want. This will work on computers, iPhones, and Androids. Make sure to keep reading!

I’m sure you have been playing Toreba and have spent lots of money on this game to try to win prizes from the Toreba claw machines. We all know that claw games look easy, but it is hard to win.

Yes, this game is very addicting and requires a lot of money to win your favorite prizes.

Let me explain why I’m sharing this generator for free.

Spreading Value with FREE Toreba Points (FREE Toreba TP)

When Toreba first released their online crane game, I thought it was cool because they offered great prizes, and I can sit at home to play the crane game.

With all the cute prizes Toreba offers, I became addicted to this game, spending endless amounts of money on Toreba Points to try to win these prizes.

There was one time I nearly spent $200 trying to get one prize but gave up since I finally figured that I spent too much money.

It was so close, but with every grab, the prize did not move at all. I spent $200 for nothing.

Getting Toreba TP with just a click of a button makes me feel like I’m not spending any money. These in-game currencies create an illusion tricking you that the points are not money. By charging by points, it makes it hard for me to know how much I am spending for each grab.

There were some prizes I wanted so badly that I went online to search for techniques to improve my chances of winning.

Slowly, I became better but was still spending a lot of money on Toreba Points to win cool prizes.

After all these times playing the Toreba Crane Game, I realized a lot of people abandon the game once they almost win because they spent too much money on TP.

Since this happens all the time, I’ve discovered a hack that gives free Toreba TP or if you like to call it free Toreba Points.

This Toreba Points Generator will be available for all the lucky people who find this page!

Free Toreba Points Hack

Toreba Crane Game was pretty easy to hack because of how weak their security is. Their regular security is good, but there is a part where they left it easy to attack.

The part they left vulnerable was from the “Earn TP for Free” option that is available on Android. Although you saw that word Android, this generator will work on iOS too!

I found out what happens when people complete those surveys to obtain free Toreba Points. I cloned and edited the completion code so it would be unique and works almost every time.

This Toreba Points Generator Hack is 100% safe because of how many people get free Toreba Points from those surveys. There is no way Toreba can monitor the surveys completed since some fail too.

Just choose the amount of free Toreba Points you wish to receive. The generator will signal the servers that their survey systems owe you Toreba Points.

You are finally going to win all the prizes you want without spending your hard-earned money. Get all the Toreba free plays you need! There will be a limit on how much TP you can get per day. The information will be below.


I have been able to help many win prizes from the Toreba Crane Game.

These extra points come in handy when you have already spent lots of money slowly getting the prize closer to the win area. I always receive emails of people thanking me for the free TP.

I will share a message from one of our lucky visitors named Kim.

“Thank you GamerCaptain for providing me with this amazing generator tool! One time, I spend over $500 trying to win this cute Rilakkuma. Unfortunately, I ran out of money and had to leave the prize for someone else to win after I spent so much money making it easier to win. This is legit and after using it, I’ve been able to win more prizes! I want to thank you for this!”

Kim was really happy when she found out this Toreba Points Generator Hack Tool worked. I was happy for her too!

I have developed this tool for any lucky people that find this tool.

Try it for yourself, the instructions are below.

How to get free Toreba Points

The Toreba Crane Game Hack is easy to use.

  1. Type in your email associated with your Toreba account
  2. Turn “Enable Encryption” to ON.
  3. Select the amount of TP you want.
  4. Click the “Generate” button.
  5. Fill out a quick Human Verification Test. (This prevents bots from abusing the tool)

After successful completion of the Human Verification, you will immediately receive your free Toreba Points. You can now use your free TP to win any prize you want! It is time to stop getting scammed from Toreba.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Toreba Points Generator safe?

Yes, this Toreba TP Generator is 100% safe! Free plays are being given away every day on Toreba.

Does this Toreba generator hack work for me?

Yes, this generator works for everyone which includes Toreba on your computer, iPhone, or Android.

How do I redeem my Toreba TP Points?

The amount of TP will be automatically added to your account as if you bought TP.

Does this Toreba hack tool work worldwide?

This Toreba Hack Tool works worldwide. The database has deployed codes from all around the globe just for your convenience.

How much free Toreba TP can I redeem?

To keep Toreba Crane Game in business, you can only redeem 20,000 Toreba Points a day.

Latest Reported Status: WORKING

Game: Toreba Crane Game

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